Songcatcher for Hire

Dave Lewis Revue II – Live recording with Skerik and D’Vonne Lewis

I’ve been a fan of live recordings since before I was old enough to go to shows. Being a Deadhead, I’ve had access to an incredible wealth of music, fan recorded and official releases.

A while back, my wife and I sat down and watched a movie called, Songcatcher, about an ethnomusicologist travelling the mountains of Appalachia documenting the music of the isolated mountain folk. Technology has improved since the days of the recording phonograph with wax cylinders, but the goal is the same. Find the ephermal arts and document them.

A few years ago, my wife complained that no-one was documenting the music we were seeing and told me to get the gear needed to start. Since then, I’ve accumulated the tools to not only make 2 track field recordings, but a full 16 track recording setup.

Some call us tapers, engineers, audio stalkers, but at the end of the day, I’ll go with Songcatcher.

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