Animals and Houses of the Holy – Casey Brookbush Art Opening @ The Sunset

What a lineup. Great players, great albums, in a classic Seattle venue. While the C-Leb set was plagued with technical difficulties and is unreleasable, the two sets covering the classics turned out great. Love it when Mesa sings Zeppelin.

Animals set:
Mesa: Voice/Guitar/Percussion
Dan Schmidt: Guitar/Voice
Alex Mortland: Guitar/Voice
Kent Halvorsen: Keys/Synth
Jeremy Lightfoot: Bass
Casey Brookbush: Drums

Houses of The Holy set:
Mesa: Voice
Alex Mortland: Guitar
Jake Carden: Guitar
Kent Halvorsen: Keys/Synth
Dan Schmidt: Bass
Jens Gunnoe: Drums

D’Vonne Lewis’s Limited Edition – 2014-07-11 @ The Royal Room

D’Vonne always pulls together a great group for Limited Edition gigs, this week we were treated to a trio night with Phil Sparks and Aham Oluo. Nice chill set of music. Aham’s playing was beautiful and hearing Phil play was a treat. Check it, then go take a listen to the Imperils set that followed.

D’Vonne Lewis’s Limited Edition is
D’Vonne Lewis – Drums
Phil Sparks – Bass
Ahamefule Oluo – Trumpet
w/ guest Thomas Marriot – Trumpet

The Imperils – 2014-07-11 @ The Royal Room

It’s always fun to go hear music, and get turned on to new players. In this case it was Bryant Moore and Dave McGraw, the cool rhythm section backing Ben, Thomas and Aham. A band that understands how to keep a room dancing. Perfect way to start a sunny weekend. D’Vonne’s set can be found here.

The Imperils is
Ben Bloom – guitar
Ahamefule J. Oluo – trumpet
Bryant Moore – bass
Thomas Deakin – sax
Dave McGraw – drums

Diane’s McTuff Birthday Bash – 2014-07-08

Another great party at Seamonster Lounge. Many of our friends joined us drink, dance and be transported by the esteemed McTuff. By request, the first set ended with a special  How Sweet It Is > After Midnight > Eleanor Rigby > 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. Good stuff, thanks guys. Streaming audio below, enjoy.

McTuff is
Joe Doria – Organ and synth
Tarik Abouzied – Drums
Andy Coe – Guitar

Crack Sabbath – Tinacious Vignettes – Gallery Opening and Launch Party

Crack Sabbath played the opening of a photography show with all images by Tina McCain. Great night of music, with an amazing group of people.The photos were great, there’s one I have my eye on. Good thing that it was also a launch party for a non-profit website where all proceeds of sales of her photography benefit Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

Crack Sabbath is
Skerik – Sax
Keith Lowe – Bass
Mike Stone – Drums
Ron Weinstein – Keys

Strubyroo – New Monsoon, Andy Coe Superjam and Scott Law @ Nectar

Had a great time, another amazing show built around the memory of an important member of the Seattle jam scene, Kate Struby who passed last October. The magic is strong at memorials and weddings, think it’s time for a wedding show to balance things a bit. Powerful night.

Andy Coe Superjam is
Andy Coe – Guitar, Voice
Scott Goodwin – Drums, Voice
Chris Jones – Bass, Voice
Scott Goodwin – Keys
w/ guests Scott Law and Bo Carper

New Monsoon is
Bo Carper - Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Vocals
Jeff Miller – Electric Guitar,Vocals
Phil Ferlino - Keyboards,Vocals
Marshall Harrell – Bass
Michael Pinkham - Drums
w/ guests Scott Law and Andy Coe

FOH Engineer – Mell Dettmer

Mother of Pearl @ The Crocodile 2014-06-06

Blake Lewis threw a CD Release show at the Croc last week. As usual, he poached Christa’s band for the gig, making it more awesome by having Mother of Pearl be the opener. Great room, Kris had a nice mix going, and the band was on fire.

Listen fer yerself.

Mother of Pearl is
Christa Wells – Voice
Alex Mortland – Guitar
Kent Halvorsen – Keys
Jeremy Lightfoot – Bass
Steven Barci – Drums

Industrial Revelation and D’Vonne Lewis Limited Edition @ Jaam Rek 2014-05-31

Industrial Revelation, new tunes, amazing joyful energy. Really fine music. Next, D’Vonne Lewis, Skerik, Andy Coe, Evan Flory-Barnes and Tom Marriot. Same lineup as last night’s Skerik’s Bandalabra show, but a different leader, a different space, and a different crowd makes a huge difference. Beautiful music. Having Thione Diop and Steve O’Brien sitting in made it even better.

Industrial Revelation is:
Aham Oluo – Trumpet
Josh Rawlings – Rhodes
Evan Flory-Barnes – Bass
D’Vonne Lewis – Drums

D’Vonne Lewis Revue is:
D’Vonne Lewis – Drums
Skerik – Sax
Andy Coe – Guitar
Evan Flory-Barnes – Bass
Tom Marriot – Trumpet

w/ Thione Diop – Percussion
w/ Steve O’Brien – Trumpet