Andy Coe Band with Jessica Lurie @ The Blue Moon

OK, vacation from the blog is over. Seven months, whew.

First out of the gate is a gem, a noisy audience recording that totally smokes. Jessica and I were mixing a recording when she realized it was time to go jam with Andy. Grabbed my rig and got to the gig during the first set, tossed the mic stand on the pool table and started rolling.

From Set One
How Sweet It Is
Cumberland Blues

Set Two
Shakedown Street

Peggy O
Promised Land

Zony Mash with Horns + Robin Holcomb + The Golden Road

A glorious night of music. The core band of Wayne Horvitz, Keith Lowe, Tim Young and Andy Roth were solid all night. To start the evening, they supported a beautiful set of Robin Holcomb’s music with Robin on piano and voice. Then we were treated to a full set of early Grateful Dead material, with Andy Coe and Paul Moore joining in. The Black Peter was especially poignant. The icing on the cake was 1.5 hours of Zony with Horns. Steve Moore, Briggan Krauss, Skerik and Al Keith were all in fine form.

Great night of music, but then the proof is in the listening.

Andy Coe Band at The Blue Moon

This set starts a minute or so into the first set, so enjoy this one warts and all.

(fade) Here Comes Sunshine
Brown Eyed Women
Dark Hollow
Lazy River Road
Me and My Uncle
So Many Roads

Feel Like A Stranger
Help On The Way
Franklin’s Tower

Andy Coe – Guitar
Scott Goodwin – Drums
Gary Palmer – Keys
Chris Jones – Bass

Second Set with Milky Burgess

Rippin’ Chicken at Seamonster Lounge

Ben Bloom on lead guitar. Check.
Olli Klomp on drums. Check.
Delvon Lamarr on keys. Check.
Funky, infectious night of music at Seattle’s favorite tiny club. Check.

Ben Bloom – Guitar
Olli Klomp – Drums
Delvon Lamarr – Keys

The New Art Trio and Empty Boat – Wayward Music Series at The Chapel

Two groups, both fairly new configurations comprised of some of my favorite players. Words pale in comparison to the music, so take a listen.

The New Art Trio
Kenny Mandrell – Sax, Percussion
Tim Volpicella – Guitar
Curtis Dahl – Piano

Empty Boat
Don Berman – Drums
Jim Knodle – Trumpet
Dick Valentine – Sax
Geoff Harper – Bass
Dennis Rea – Guitar

Slingshot Songs @ The Royal Room

Jessica Lurie and her cohorts brought a beautiful night of improvisational music to the Royal Room on Thanksgiving Eve. Always a treat to hear what happens when truly talented musicians listen and truly converse.

Jessica Lurie – Sax, Flute, Vocals, FX
Amy Denio – Sax, Accordion, Voice, FX
Beth Fleenor – Clarinet, Vocals, FX
Samantha Boshnak – Trumpet
Kate Olson – Soprano Sax
Bill Horist – Guitar, FX
Evan Flory-Barnes – Bass
Paul Kikuchi – Drums

Richie Aldente and Happy Orchestra at Tiborfest 2014

Tibor, the mad dervish of the Seattle Scene. Short shorts, blissed out dancing, and the oddest, most wonderful gifts. Last night’s celebration of all things Tibor was off the hook. I was able to capture the Richie Aldente and Happy Orchestra sets. So much talent on stage last night. Happy Orchestra’s debut presents a strong case for many more gigs from these guys. So much fun. And have I mentioned Mr. Joe Doria on Rhodes and ARP? What a treat.

Richie Aldente is
Daniel Nash-Drums
Trevor Larkin- guitar
Ian Sheridan -Bass
Daniel Rainard – guitar
Tim Kennedy -vocals, keys

Happy Orchestra is
Joe Doria – Fender Rhodes and ARP Solo
Andy Coe – Guitar
Tarik Abouzeid – Drums
Mark Mattrey – Bass
Art Brown – Sax
Scott Morning – Trumpet

Tibor is

Crystal Beth and The Boom Boom Band – Liberation Ritual 1

Beth brought a whole new set of music to her Earshot Jazz show at Barboza. BOOM!

Words fail me at the moment, so take a listen.

Crystal Beth is
Beth Fleenor – Voice, Clarinets
Paul “PK” Kemmish – Bass
Tristan Gianola – Guitar
Michael Owcharuk – Keys
Adam Kozie – Drums

Sound Dialog @ Seamonster Lounge – 2014-11-01

When I heard that not only were all four of the Sound Dialog members playing, but that Olli was going to drum again, I knew last night was going to be special. We weren’t disappointed.

I’ll let my mics speak for me. Check it out.

Mesa – Vocals, Percussion
Kent Halvorsen – Keys
Alex Mortland – Guitar
Saburo Miyata – Bass

Olli Klomp – Drums

Ava Chakravarti – Vocals

Star Funk at Seamonster Lounge

Tuesday night warriors, McTuff is on tour with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. So what did Andrew do? Call in a talented bunch who had history, but hadn’t played as a quartet. It worked pretty damn well and they are going to do it again next week. Kathy Moore and Grace Love’s sit-ins were pretty damn cool too.

Take a listen

Paul “PK” Kemmish – Bass
D’Vonne Lewis – Drums
Tim Kennedy – Keys
Thaddeus Turner – Guitar, Vocal

Grace Love – Vocals
Kathy Moore – Guitar