Star Funk at Seamonster Lounge

Tuesday night warriors, McTuff is on tour with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. So what did Andrew do? Call in a talented bunch who had history, but hadn’t played as a quartet. It worked pretty damn well and they are going to do it again next week. Kathy Moore and Grace Love’s sit-ins were pretty damn cool too.

Take a listen

Paul “PK” Kemmish – Bass
D’Vonne Lewis – Drums
Tim Kennedy – Keys
Thaddeus Turner – Guitar, Vocal

Grace Love – Vocals
Kathy Moore – Guitar

PK & What Army @ Seamonster Lounge

PK sure can pick an Army. These guys are the real deal. Not just a pickup jam session, but a real Band with a capital B. Your next chance to see them is 10/26 at the Blue Moon. I’ll see you there.

PK & What Army is
Paul “PK” Kemmish – Bass
Greg Campbell – Drums
Thione Diop – Percussion
Jason Goessl – Guitar
Eric Barber – Sax and Pocket Piano

McTuff @ Jaam Rek – African Mothers’ Health Initiative Benefit

McTuff played a benefit fundraiser for the African Mothers’ Health Initiative a non-profit working for infant and mother health in Malawi. ( The evening was quite the success, both in terms of the fundraiser, and in the performance.

McTuff was joined by Thione Diopp on percussion for much of the show. Check it out.

McTuff is
Joe Doria – Organ
Andy Coe – Guitar
Tarik Abouzeid – Drums
w/ Thione Diop – Percussion

James McNew, Bill Frisell, and Jim Woodring Offhand Gestures: An Evening of Spontaneous Creation

Last night at town hall, we were treated to a special night. For the price of a $5.00 ticket, we saw Jim Woodring do a live Photoshop sketch while Bill Frisell and James McNew played an exquisite set of music. 57 minutes, two songs.

Dark Star > Comes A Time

Bill graciously gave me permission to share the evening with you. link is here, or stream the show below. Oh, and he just released a new album, go get it here.

Photo by Miles Abrams

Photo by Miles Abrams

Setlist Schematic by Michael Hamad

Setlist Schematic by Michael Hamad

Bill Frisell – Guitar
James McNew – Guitar, Voice
Jim Woodring – Pixels and Photons

Ask The Ages & Fundamental Forces – Synergistic Thursdays at Lucid Lounge

Two of my favorite Seattle bands played Thursday night. Fundamental Forces focused on material off their new record, Red (available on CD Baby now, iTunes in a few weeks), loved it. Great stuff.
Ask The Ages had guest Eric Barber filling in for the touring Kate Olson. Fill-ins are a mixed bag, while the songs and arrangements may suffer, the creative force that arises to compensate leads to some spectacular moments. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Ask The Ages is
Brian Heaney – Guitar
John Seman – Bass
Greg Campbell – Drums
Steven Bell – Vibes
with Eric Barber – Sax

Fundamental Forces is
Rik Wright – Guitar
Jim DeJoie – Winds
Geoff Harper – Bass
Greg Campbell – Drums

PK & What Army – 2014-09-28 @ The Blue Moon

This did not suck. Take a rhythm sections with this much history, and mix in talented people up front. Result? Another great PK and What Army gig. Always different. Always good.

Paul “PK” Kemmish – Bass
Olli Klomp – Drums
Thione Diop – Percussion
Jason Goessl – Guitar
Eric Barber -Sax and Electronics

A Tribute to Charlie Haden – Zero-G at The Chapel

Wow, so many great players in my favorite room. This night had so many fine moments, take a listen, and remember:

Go see live music. It makes our lives better.

From the Event page.

On July 11th of this year, the music world lost the monumental musician Charlie Haden, a man who completely reinvented the approach to the double bass in jazz music. With an amazing career that spanned five decades, he is known for his groundbreaking, reinvention of jazz harmony and structure. From Ornette Coleman’s free jazz quartet to his intensely melodic and sparse approach to duos with Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett, to leading his own large ensemble, the fiery, politically radical Liberation Music Orchestra, he brought together his love of folk, classical, free jazz and world music.

Bassist Birch Pereira, a long time admirer of Haden, has organized a night of music to pay tribute to the man and will be joined by Seattle bassists John Seman, Paul Kemmish, Geoff Harper, Carmen Rothwell, Evan Flory-Barnes, Clipper Anderson, Michael Barnett and Michael David Marcus. Each bassist will trade off with songs from Haden’s legacy that feature different sets of musicians including Jason Goessl and Tim Volpicella on guitar, Ben Krulewitch on piano, Seth Alexander, Eric Barber and Levi Gillis on saxophone, Scott Morning and Ray Larson on trumpet and Dave Abramson and Mike Gebhart on drums.

Forgotten Space @ The Royal Room, Seattle

Jokingly referred to as “The Other touring Grateful Dead tribute band”, Forgotten Space is a tight, talented band out of Dallas. Any band that can get The Royal Room up and on it’s feet on a Monday night get’s extra credit in my book. Kenny’s guitar work was strong, reminiscent of Jerry’s pre-midi 80s sound, and Will’s vocals had that touch of pathos and regret that the best Garcia songs call for.

You should know by now that I’d rather let my recording speak for me, so crank the stereo and check them out for yerself. Go grab mp3 and Lossless FLAC files over at the Live Music Archive, or check the stream below.

Bob McConville – Bass, Vocal
Neil Hampton – Drums
Hunter Hendrickson – Guitar, Vocal
Jerry Saracini – Drums
Kenny Withrow – Guitar, Vocal
Will Hodges – Keyboards, Vocal