shuffleboil @ The Royal Room – 2012-04-27

shuffleboil is a new Wayne Horvitz project with Tim Young, Bobby Previte and Joe Doria. I recorded their show last night with my Avantone Ck-1 mics using the omni capsules onstage 6 feet spread. The show is now up on

Set One
1. Tecufah
2. Daylight
3. Prepaid Funeral
4. The 29th of May

Set Two
5. Cadillac Ranch
6. Disingenuous Firefight
7. In The Lounge

4 thoughts on “shuffleboil @ The Royal Room – 2012-04-27

  1. hey, sounds great..nice “capture” of the evening..for those who wondered, like me, shuffleboil is a theolonious monk song..never heard of it before not sure if they played it and i know some of monk’s stuff ..i actually saw him (monk) at the village vanguard mannnny yrs ago..thanks

  2. Steve – I am really grateful for your efforts to make great music available. Tell me, is there a singular place where all these shows reside? Do you post them all on archive so that we can search your name and get them all lined up?

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